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May 20, 2019

  • Why being Diversified can be a key to survival 

  • Landscape of today's Volume Photography World

  • Identify Volume Opportunities 

  • 5 First Steps (essential foundation)

  • Marketplace and Marketing to Schools 

  • Re-Branding yourself from an Individual to a Company 

  • Strategies and Best Practices in School Markets 

  • Traditional Volume Business vs. Unicorn Approach

  • Pre-Schools - your ticket into the volume world

  • The Artists Advantage 

Ready to Shoot


May 21, 2019

  • First job hurtles 

  • What does the school expect from you?

  • How to build a Portfolio that will get you the job

  • Marketing and Sales techniques 

  • Equipment for the Volume Photographer 

  • Hands on Instruction for:

  • Indoor School Photography Demo (actual kid models and simulated scenarios) 

  • School Day Flow (best safe practices) 

  • Green Screen Set-up

  • Group and Panoramic Riser System

  • Group and Panoramic Demo

  • Capture Software - the key to success 

  • Pre and Post Production Procedures 

  • Yearbooks! Opportunity is knocking

Camera Lighting


May 22, 2019

  • Picking the right Lab

  • E-commerce

  • How much can I really make?

  • A "day in the life" of a volume photographer 

  • What Mom wants now and in the future 

  • Becoming a Unicorn and why there are so few of us 

  • Still and Video - a natural fusion 

  • Video best practices and equipment

  • Augmented Reality 

  • Hands on Class for Video

  • Live Portrait Dashboard Demo

  • Video Basics Editing Class 

  • Bringing it all together

  • Time to leave the nest, but you are not alone! 

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