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Our 3 day intensive workshop will cover the gamut of what is required to launch you into the profitable school and volume photography market.  And yes, don't worry fellow artist, you can still create art in the process.  

All you need is a new perspective, a proven system, mentor support, and practice.  Are you ready to be profitable and still make art?  Are you ready to become part of our Unicorn Nation?

Notepad on Desk


May 20, 2019

  • Why being Diversified can be a key to survival 

  • Landscape of today's Volume Photography World

  • Identify Volume Opportunities 

  • 5 First Steps (essential foundation)

  • Marketplace and Marketing to Schools 

  • Re-Branding yourself from an Individual to a Company 

  • Strategies and Best Practices in School Markets 

  • Traditional Volume Business vs. Unicorn Approach

  • Pre-Schools - your ticket into the volume world

  • The Artists Advantage

Camera Lens


May 21, 2019

  • First job hurtles 

  • What does the school expect from you?

  • How to build a Portfolio that will get you the job

  •  Marketing and Sales techniques 

  • Equipment for the Volume Photographer 

  • Hands on Instruction for:

  • Indoor School Photography Demo (actual kid models and simulated scenarios) 

  • School Day Flow (best safe practices) 

  • Green Screen Set-up

  • Group and Panoramic Riser System

  • Group and Panoramic Demo

  • Capture Software - the key to success 

  • Pre and Post Production Procedures 

  • Yearbooks! Opportunity is knocking

Production Team Meeting


May 22, 2019

  • Picking the right Lab

  • E-commerce

  • How much can I really make?

  • A "day in the life" of a volume photographer 

  • What Mom wants now and in the future 

  • Becoming a Unicorn and why there are so few of us 

  • Still and Video - a natural fusion 

  • Video best practices and equipment

  • Augmented Reality 

  • Hands on Class for Video

  • Live Portrait Dashboard Demo

  • Video Basics Editing Class 

  • Bringing it all together

  • Time to leave the nest, but you are not alone! 

    *Add On- 1 on 1 training +$500 extra for 6 hours

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