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Photography Workshops to Help You

Do What You Love and Make Money

Build Your Brand     Build Your Foundation     Build a Legacy

*Download my free guide and let me share why the volume photography business needs more artists and how becoming a unicorn might be the best financial decision you make this year. 

"If your photography doesn't make a profit, then it's a hobby, not a business."

Photographers, we have a problem.

  • Traditional studios are rapidly closing their doors

  • Clients aren't coming back

  • The competition is undercutting each other

  • Print sales are down

  • Photographers are struggling to make money

  • Digital files are given away for nothing

However, change brings opportunity.

All you need is a new perspective, a proven system, mentor support, and practice.





My name is Peter Lars, owner of Cornerstone Photography, Hybrid Pioneer, Photo Myth Buster, Partner in Live Portrait's Augmented Reality, Mentor and a Proud Unicorn in the Volume Photography World.  Let me show you that you too can build a thriving diversified photography business while others are struggling.  ​

Our 3 day intensive workshop will cover the gamut of what is required to launch you into the profitable school and volume photography market.  And don't worry fellow artist, you can still create art in the process.  

All you need is a new perspective, a proven system, mentor support, and practice.  Are you ready to be profitable and still make art?  Are you ready to become part of our Unicorn Nation?




A Fast Track 3 Day Seminar into the lucrative Volume Photography Business


Learn Industry Best Practices : Frame Work Plan for Success :  Launch and Thrive : Become a Unicorn 


  • Why being Diversified can be a key to survival 

  • Landscape of today's Volume Photography World

  • Identify Volume Opportunities



  • First job hurtles 

  • What does the school expect from you?

  • How to build a Portfolio that will get you the job



  • Picking the right Lab

  • E-commerce

  • How much can I really make?




What is a photography unicorn and why should I care?  

Very simply, a photo unicorn is someone or some company that is turning left when the crowd is turning right.  A person or entity that is embracing change and leading the charge to bring to market what consumers desire before they even know they desire it.  Thinking outside the box and not following industry norms just because they worked for the past 5 decades is a key to being a Unicorn. 

The photography industry is in flux and has been on a uncertain unpredictable path since the digital camera and iphone hit the market.  Traditional brick and mortar studios are failing at an alarming rate and everyone with a new DSLR and a few YouTube tutorials thinks they are professional photographer.  The industry that once coveted the negative or digital file, now expects to practically give it away for free.  Wedding Photographers, headshots specialist, baby photographers, family portraiture experts, etc., all suffer from too many competitors that are giving away their product practically for free.  

So what are you going to do? 


Well, you can either become a dinosaur and fade away  or you can evolve with the changing environment and thrive.  The company that can provide both traditional and contemporary portraiture, plus an above customer service experience, will excel.  The company that embraces all mediums to capture and tell a story, wins.  The company that recognizes that tech like Augmented Reality opens doors to endless possibilities, will thrive.  

Are you ready to thrive?
If so, please join me in beautiful Southern California for a
3 day beginners course on how to become a Unicorn and build a successful hybrid volume photography business. 


5351 Bonsai Street

Moorpark, CA 93021

Tel: 805-443-3440


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